Since 1986, PADO has developed, at its factory in Molins de Rei (Barcelona), a full range of assembly solutions and components for electrical operations. Our product aims to solve the many problems that can arise assembly, thereby reducing the time and cost of such facilities.

The dielectric properties of our components and mechanical behavior in shorts, certify the quality and competitiveness of our parts. In addition to meeting the specifications VDE 0660, part 500, point 8, 2, 3, 2, 3, 6, Edition 11/1984, they have been subjected to tests in various laboratories of national and European test. We work 25 years providing the technical design and engineering departments of large enterprises in various countries: Germany, Italy, France, Portugal, Sweden, Israel, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, Dominican Republic …

PADO is present in large infrastructures. Some examples:

  • The general distribution and the Gran Teatro del Liceo de Barcelona boxes were built with soporterías equiláter of the 150 and 170 series.
  • The data transmission equipment of the Madrid-Barcelona mounted with our supports SW04300.
  • The teams control over 400 towers of wind power distributed throughout the Iberian Peninsula PADO incorporated supports and accessories.

We are committed to product quality, service quality and the needs of our customers. Our mission is simple: Create parts and components for the installation of electrical operations easier and more effective.

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